Road Trips

The highway system of the United States

  • Interstate Highways
    • Blue / Red background
    • even-numbered routes for east–west routes (with the lowest numbers along Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico)
    • odd-numbered routes are north–south routes (with the lowest numbers along the Pacific Ocean)
    • Since 1956.
  • U.S. Numbered Highways
    • Black / White background
    • Since 1926, the original interstate highways, many replaced by Interstate or State Routes.
    • even numbered for east–west routes (with the lowest numbers along Canada)
    • odd numbered for north–south routes (with the lowest numbers along the Atlantic Ocean).
    • serve more than one state.
  • State highways
    • Black / White background
    • Each state also has its own design for its highway markers, e.g. an outline of the state with the number inside

San Francisco Bay Area <=> Los Angeles

~6 hours, California SR 152 => I-5

San Francisco Bay Area <=> Bakersfield

~250 miles, 4 hours

2 options:

  • California SR 152 => I-5
  • California SR 152 => SR 99, via Fresno.

Bakersfield <=> Las Vegas

286 miles, 4 Hours, SR 58 => I-15

  • The Big Red Barn, Murray Family Farms
  • Cesar E. Chavez National Monument
  • Tehachapi Railroad loop


  • Mojave Commercial Airliner Storage


  • Borax Visitor Center
  • 20 Mule Team Museum


  • Route 66 Mother Road Museum
  • Western America Railroad Museum
  • Historic Barstow Main Street (Route 66)
  • Barstow Station

Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine

Primm: border of Nevada and California

Close to LV

  • Seven Magic Mountains
  • The Last Spike: "On January 30, 1905, near this site, workers drove the last spike that completed the railroad between Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California. "

Los Angeles <=> San Diego

~2.5 Hours