• Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park
  • Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon National Park
  • The Wave, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Saguaro National Park

Created in 1933 to preserve saguaro cactus and the surrounding desert. 91,327 acres of prime Sonoran Desert habitat. 2 districts (Tucson Mountain District, Rincon Moutain District) about 30 miles apart, separatecd by Tuscon.

Tucson Mountain District: includes prehistoric Hohokam and historic CCC sites. An unpaved 5-mile loop drive. Trails lead to the 4,687-ft summit of Wasson Peak. Rincon: east of the city, 80mile paved loop road; trails from desert to oak woodland to ponderosa pine forest; 8,666 Mica Mountain

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Live animal and botanical gardens.

Backpacking Havasu Canyon

Memorial holiday is the most popular season.

  • Day 1: drive towards Havasupai Hilltop Trail head. Stay in nearby motel or camp in Hilltop Parking lot. Bring water, no drinking water before reaching Supai Village.
  • Day 2: start early. 10.5 miles down hill. Arrive at Camping ground at noon. Spend the remaining day around Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls.
  • Day 3: hike down to Mooney Falls, and down to Beaver Falls. Continue hiking along Havasu Creek to Colorado River, 18 miles round trip. Not too much elevation gain. However, need to cross the creek back and forth many times. Not easy to find the correct trail.
  • Day 4: 6:30 am start hiking out Campground. Back to parking lot in 3.5 hrs.