Primary airport: PTY

Primary airline: Copa, lie flat business class (B737-9MAX) overnight to US cities

Boquete (best coffee)?

  • anton valley hot springs
  • coiba & cebaco islands
  • embera villages
  • uses USD

Panama Canal Railway: from Panama City (Corozal Passenger Station) to Colón.

Panama Metro Line 2 extension to airport expected in 2022.

Copaair can mix cabin in a round trip booking:

business from SFO/LAX to PTY but eco back

take bus C850 to amador causeway rent a bike; biomuseo

C810 to miraflores visitor center

day trip to isla taboga

Albrook mall: the largest mall in latin america; was a former US base.


  • 1881: France began work on the canal.
  • 1903: Panama separate from Colombia.
  • 1904: The US took over the Panama canal project.
  • 1914: the canal was opened.
  • 1999: the canal was taken over by the Panamanian government.
  • 2016: the canal got expanded.


Gatun Lake: 26 meters (85 ft) above sea level.

US controlled until 1999;


Cobre Panama—one of the world’s biggest copper mines—commenced production.


Panama has largest Chinese population in central america. The first Chinese came to Panama in the mid-1800’s to help work on the trans-Panama railroad.

Area: El Dorado.