• Havarti: Danish
  • Chèvre: Goat cheese (chèvre = goat in french, "romage de chèvre" = "goat cheese")
  • Pecorino: hard Italian cheeses made from sheep milk. "pecorino" derives from pecora which means sheep in Italian.
  • Fontina / Fontal (French: Fontine) is a cow's milk cheese, first produced in Italy. Semi-soft.
  • Gouda: a sweet, creamy, yellow cow's milk cheese originating from the Netherlands.
  • Parmigiano = Parmesan
    • Parmigiano Reggiano: 18-month old
    • Parmigiano Reggiano Stravechhio: 36-month old. Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio is aged a full 36 months. At this age, it has a deeper, golden color, and has even more crunchy crystals. Full and fruity with a slightly salty tang, this cheese should be served in chunks with figs or pears or as an appetizer with aperitifs.
    • Stravecchio = aged (Italian)
    • Gruyere cheese: