Learn to Fly

Special Words

  • roger: I hear you. I completely understand you. (Received) does not mean I agree or disagree.
  • wilco: I hear you. I completely understand you. And I will comply with your instructions. (will comply)
  • Unable: I am unable to comply with your instructions. (Sully)
  • Unfamiliar: I am unfamiliar with the reporting point you are referring to.
  • Say again / say again slowly.
  • Blocked: the last transmission was blocked; 2 people were trying to talk at the same time.
  • Standy by: I am busy right now. Please wait quietly for a moment. I will get back to you when I am able. (usually said by controller)
  • Over: I am done talking. Your turn to talk. (not used too much any more)
  • Out: This is my last transmission. I'm leaving the frequency. (not used too much any more)

Respond to yes/no questions (e.g. Do you have the airport in sight?)

  • Affirmative: Yes.
  • Negative: No.

avoid to (2) and for (4)

Two-way radio communications

you say

  • call sign of the ATC facility you are calling
  • your call sign

they say

  • your call sign
  • their call sign

untowered airport or after hours, callsign: traffic (to all the other aircraft), e.g. Watsonville traffic