Cessna 172

172 R vs S:

  • identical engine
  • both fuel injected
  • only propellers are different:
    • R cruise propeller, 2400 rpm, 160 hp, quieter due to lower rpm.
    • S climb propeller, 2700 rpm, 180 hp; has 60+ lb extra load (509 lb pilot + passenger)

172 N vs R/S

  • N is carbureted. R and S are fuel injected.
  • N flap is 20/30/40, R / S is 10/20/30; N can slow down and descend faster due to the 10 extra flap.


Trim is only found on the right side.


  • a heated pitot head under the left wing
  • static port on the left side of the nose cowling. The alternate static source is located on the panel above the throttle and supplies static pressure from inside the cockpit.